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Friday, May 23, 2008

Being The Newbie

After nearly ten years at LensCrafters I knew all there was to know about the place. In fact, I was one of the managers which gave me some authority too. I could pretty perform every task with my eyes closed. Needless to say, it is a foreign thing to not understand every nook and cranny of a business. I find it kind of frustrating because I'm very competent at the job but I'm being hindered by technicalities.
"Angie can you..."
"Tina when you have a sec..."
"Tammi I don't know how to...."
You get the picture.
I feel like I'm annoying everyone by running back and forth and asking about this and that. So, being the gung ho person that I am and wanting to show them that I'm a good worker, I get impatient and just do things. Then I mess up. Then they have to fix it. This probably makes more work than if had I waited and asked, especially if it my error is not caught until much later.
I'm fortunate that everyone is being really great about it all.

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