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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm A Working Woman!

My feet hurt. My brain hurts. My eyes hurt.

I'm tired.

Ah yes, I must be back at work.


Yesterday I cam home and felt like crying all evening. Today I came home in good spirits.

The Monday crying was mostly out of fatigue. I didn't sleep well Sunday night out of nervousness, that was followed by a long day of new information, so I was completely wiped out. Monday night was way better in the sleep department which translated into a better mood today.


I believe it will be a really good place to work. The four doctors seem really friendly, three men and one woman. They are even rather chatty. All my other new associates have also been very nice (all women). Everyone is helpful and patient with me. The office manager complimented me today on my quick ability to catch on. I remember that I like my occupation.

Then there's the one, token, non-doctor male. John. He's interesting. I was warned about him. John does all the lab work and although we are all crammed into a little room he doesn't look at anyone or speak very much. He mutters away to himself as he cuts lenses and punctuates his mutterings with colourful curses. Today he actually spoke to me a couple of times, out of necessity, and I even got a hint of a smile once.
I miss Sierra horribly. I so wanted to play with her when I came home, which I did, but tiredness made it feel like somewhat of a chore. I know it'll quickly get better as I get used to this new routine.
Overall - so far so good. I might even like it.

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