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Monday, May 5, 2008

"She Likes To Move It, Move It!"

I knew this day would come. I was sort of looking forward to it but on the other hand I didn't really mind the current state of affairs.
It was simple.
Now it will never be the same around here again.
Last night, I set Sierra down in the middle of the living room with some toys and went to waste a few minutes on the computer while Trevor fetched some us gooey, fat-laden pizza and a mind capturing movie. I wasn't perusing long when I heard the clink of a video tape and DVD's. (Yes we still have both, don't laugh). I went upstairs and Sierra was not anywhere near where I put her!
All right, who moved her? The cat? A ghost?
Had Trevor secretly relocated her before leaving?
No, he never allows her by the TV.
Was I loosing my mind and didn't actually put her in the middle of the room as I thought?
Nope. None of the above.
Just like that she figured out that she could scoot her way around. No, not crawl, that would be too easy, scoot. She tucks one foot in, with the other one sticking out and pushes her way forward. It looks hysterically awkward and seems to require a lot of effort on her part, but works. Sierra was already achieving pretty good milage with this new mode of transportation too.
I sighed and looked around my house with thoughts of cupboard latches, plug covers, closing doors to certain rooms, and trying to discern what could harm her.
Nothing below 2 1/2 feet is safe anymore.
Trevor immediately trudged downstairs and hauled up the baby gates we purchased eons ago. We figured all it would take is our back turned briefly to have a baby at the bottom of the stairs.
These particular gates have a thick white, plastic border with clear pastic "windows" in the middle. As Trevor was fiddling with one of them at the top of the stairs our cat chose to come racing up. Obviously he mistook the "window" for an opening and proceded to ram himself into it full force. Trevor said the cat's head stopped and the rest of him crumpled into a little ball. Trevor laughed very hard for a very long time.
I believe he is still laughing.
The cat turned around and raced back down the stairs to wallow in his embarassement.
He's fine.
I was in kitchen preparing a bottle for Sierra at that moment, so I disappointedly missed the whole thing!

1 comment:

Kindra said...

That's so funny about the cat! Isn't it exciting but slightly sad when their immobility is lost? Eva has been crawling for two weeks now and it seems is into everything! The tv and dvd player are the most interesting things ever, along with tall the cords that come with them. She has also figured out how to get up that one step from our living room to the dining room. She has done many a face-plant trying to get back down! Things will never be the same again....