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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chasing Dreams

I've been contemplating my life lately. It started with Sierra and seeing how quickly time is passing with her. She is almost eight months old and that means less than four months until my maternity leave runs out. With Trevor not having a permanant job or a contract position it means that I will have to return to work full time. That reality is hitting me hard in a number of ways. I enjoy being an at-home mom more than I ever thought possible. I feel rested and spiritually whole and happy. Life has a new perspective and I don't believe that I can buy into all the pressures and brain washing of major company. (Of course Trevor could still get a contract....)
Anyway, this lead to me thinking about how to spend of the remaining four months. Sierra is on more of a schedule and there isn't the craziness of Christmas or anything. I realize that it's not like I'll have to work forever, once Trevor gets a job I will once again be at home but I want to make the most of now. I began thinking about all the things I wanted to be doing instead of working while I was working - my dreams for daily life.
1. Develop a closer relationship with God: I've joined a weekly women's Bible study which requires daily readings. I actually enjoy sermons. I look forward to our weekly care group sessions more than ever. I pray more.
2. Be in the best shape of my life: I have started towards many fitness goals in the last ten years and never completed one. Now I truely have the ability and the time and the motivation. Just do it already!
3. Keep a tidy house consistently: I have been doing pretty good at this.
4. Socialize more: This is hard. The people I know have been too busy and it is a HUGE effort for me to put myself out there and make new friends.
5. Take voice lessons: I haven't gone anywhere with this one yet but I've asked someone who to ask.
Those are a few for now and they'll keep me busy. My big dreams, well, they are rather unattainable right now but I'll continue to dream them!


kindra said...

Good for you Carla! I feel like I have wasted my maternity leave...not get much accomplished and stuff. That's a really good idea to set a goal for the time you have left.

millingw said...

Hey Carla, I know where you are coming from. I LOVE being home! Not because everyday is one big day off because it's not. I love cleaning and cooking. Taking care of my big baby boy! I love being a wife and a Mom. I feel so accomplished when the house is clean, the laundry is done, there is food on the table & most of all Carter is happy. I've only been off for three months and I am already upset about going back to work.

millingw said...

PS this is Wendy