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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just over eight months ago Sierra was born. What a wonderful eight months it has been! Sierra is a joy to have around and I love being a mom at home. Time zooms by with a baby because they change so quickly but it is great fun to be a part of.

Sierra now stands as much as possible. When we pull on her arms she stiffens and pushes those fat little legs and up she goes! When she's had enough of sitting she will grab my hands to stand up. We walk around with her a bit too but it's kind of like trying to walk with those walking dolls - a little awkward. Sierra is not crawling yet, she'll probably get up and walk one day and skip crawling. She has incredible reach now. It's really funny to watch her get things now when she's sitting, she puts one hand out to balance leans so far that her bum is off the floor. Sometimes she leans too far and ends up on her nose, then she gets downright mad and frustrated!
She is very vocal now. Various yells, squeels, whines and moans come out of her regularly. My favourite is the mamamama. I'm pretty sure she has now idea what she's saying but I feel special anyway!
Sierra has four teeth by now. Fortunately it has not been too unpleasant a process for us, or seemingly for her. She does have crabby, drooly days now and again. It's amusing to watch her explore the new sensation of teeth with her tongue and lips.

Eating is a breeze these days. She eats pretty much everything and anything. Cereal in the morning, veggies with meat and fruit at noon, veggies and fruit at supper (or some combination). I buy her organic PC food from Superstore, it's cheap and I don't even mind the taste. Once though, Trevor bought this mixed Heinz vegetable food for her and she gagged and cried and refused to eat it. Then I read the ingredient list: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, lentils - YUCK! We have just started feeding her bits of non pureed food. She devoured two soda crackers during lunch at Tony Roma's on Sunday. She takes big bite, pushes it with her tongue to her front teeth and chews. Then she works the bits around in her mouth until they are soft and swallows.

I am still breast feeding at morning and night but that is soon to pass. She has started biting me! Not fun. I think think the biting is because there is not much there. I have mixed feelings with stopping because it has been a special cuddle time between us. Sierra is not much of a cuddler normally. Then again with biting going on what's to enjoy? The complete freedom will be nice again. Sierra likes formula which is good, she drinks quite a bit of that with her meals too.

She made this face for the first time and all day yesterday. She looked so silly and we laughed each time. To quote Trevor "Baby's are funny!"

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