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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Highs and lows

Trevor, Sierra, and I had a really nice little jaunt up to Edmonton this weekend. We visited with two sets of long time friends. Friends that understand you a little better/differently than most because they've known you for so long. We shopped, because Lethbridge really sucks for shopping, and spent money we don't have. We drank wine, ate some very yummy home cooked meals, drank Starbucks and ate 1000-calories-a-bite Marble Slab Ice cream. We played games and laughed hysterically, and had some more serious, thought provoking conversations. We drove home yesterday feeling like we'd just been on vacation. It was great.
Than this morning I woke up with a small monster invading my throat and chest. I felt him lurking there all weekend and hoped he'd just go away, no such luck, the attack is on. It's not that bad, just not that good. I suppose I will have to temporarily suspend my exercising. It's a little hard to run or lift weights while coughing like a smoker! I can still follow the eating plan. You know, it never fails when I do this Body for Life plan: I'm all gung ho with nothing foreseen to get in the way and then something unplanned comes up, like getting sick. In the past it has discouraged me and I've quit, not this time.

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