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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It is the beginning of week 4 of 12 in my Body for Life journey. I was discussing the program with my mom and sister on Saturday night (we had a ladies night out, it was great!) and my sister stated that she could never eliminate the certain foods that the program encourages. It really hasn't been as hard for me as I thought it would. I am the type of person that has an extremely difficult time limiting myself to one or a little bit. When I taste one delectable cookie, heck, I end up devouring many more! For me it's best not to start. The crazy thing is, my 'palate' is starting to no longer crave the sweets and empty carbs the way it used to. Also, since I can only pack away so much food on Sunday, I'm more selective about what I cheat with. I choose only those things I really enjoy and then totally savor them. Oh yes I do! - and there is not one iota of guilt, how good can it get!
Overall program is going really well. My stomach seems less squishy and I feel pretty good. I did not cheat at all last week with my diet, however due to getting a cold I was only able to work out twice. I found yesterday a tough day to stay on track. I was tired and unmotivated and when I'm like that I tend to desire sugar more stongly. I sucessfully got through the day by telling myself no. If my body follows the same pattern as with previous times, I should start really noticing results by the end of this week.

The website is, explore the 'food and recipes' and 'exercise' sections in the top black bar. I personally think that this program can be modified to fit whoever wants to do it, I sure don't follow it to an exact T!

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