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Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Food

This past summer we planted a large vegetable garden and a major part of our harvest was carrots. We do not have a cold room so they are being stored at my parents' house. At this time of year the carrots are starting to sprout and wilt and need to be used. A large bag of them was taking up too much space in my fridge and this evening while supper was cooking I had the grand idea of peeling them and making them into baby food. Many of the carrots were small so peeling ended up being a bigger chore than I anticipated. I only chopped up a small pot full thinking I'd start with that and see how it went. After they were boiled I mashed them(carrots don't mash very well) and then I pureed in the blender (which didn't go so easily either) and ended up with 1 cup of baby worthy carrots and a big mess. I decided that paying $0.44 a jar for pre-made baby food from Superstore is more than worth it for me!

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