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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bisphenal what?

There was a recent news release about the use of a product called bisphenal-A (BPA) in plastic products, namely baby bottles and sippy cups. A study showed that BPA was leaching into substances that were put in the containers and that BPA is apparently particularly bad for infants. One study said that it took high levels of heat to release BPA such as dishwashers, sterilizing, boiling water, microwaving etc. I also read about a study that claimed that leaching occurs at room temperature too. Have I been unknowingly poisoning my baby? That's of course the first thought that comes to mind. Then I also wondered if it was just another thing to cause a panic and not really substantiated. According to a nurse friend of mine Health Canada maintains that there is no need to panic.

"Health effects for any substance depend on the amount of exposure, and how that exposure occurs. Current data indicate that exposure to Bisphenol A is less than Health Canada's provisional tolerable daily intake (reference exposure level), including exposures resulting from food packaging materials, dental sealants and restorative materials. However, a re-assessment of those exposures will be conducted following receipt of any new information submitted by industry in response to the Government of Canada's Challenge. " Health Canada website.

So what do I do? If bottles and sippy cups are potentially dangerous than what about soothers, plastic tipped spoons, and many other plastic products? I don't want to give in to a "craze" but I think I might try to switch feeding containers and utensils just to be safe. It can't hurt and if they all of sudden decide that normal exposures are NOT of tolerable levels....

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