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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh Crappy Day

I woke up tired. That is not a good way to wake up for the day. The dumb part is that it was 9:30, so there was no real excuse to be tired. Trevor and I planned to run some errands and clean house. Here's what happened: Sierra woke up crabby, we received a discouraging email regarding our house plans, we scrambled around trying to figure out how to remedy that, Trevor decided he should help a friend with home reno's today (this same friend helped us out on something earlier this week so it was just kindly payback), and I got stuck with the errands myself.
Okay, I don't mind errands so much, the sun was shining and outings are good for Sierra, they distract her from her crabbiness. She decided to be uncharacteristic and cry all the way to Costco. I went in for milk and eggs but came out with milk, margarine and cereal. No eggs. Grrr, oh well, I can buy eggs another time. Then I had coffee with my mom, that was nice since someone else could amuse Sierra for a bit. I also made it in and out of ToysRUs without incident and mission accomplished: buy car seat.
We made it home, ate lunch and it was time for Sierra to nap. I intended to start on the cleaning while Sierra slept but my energy level just wasn't there. NO this isn't just a lame excuse to avoid the dreaded housework, I blame my cold. Sierra ran out of z's way too early and after waking up was happy for, oh, twenty minutes. Then she was Little Miss Crank (anybody remember the "Little Miss.." books?) . I could not put her down for anything. This carried on until 6:30pm, after I managed to eat my supper with Sierra in my lap and my plate in the middle of the table out of the reach of little hands. Then at long last it was time for the evening nap and now......quiet bliss! It's crazy how one small, grumpy baby can affect my mood so magnificently.


kindra said...

Eww...I hate crabby/whiney days like that. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for you.

P.S. I like the new layout. It's a little easier to read :)

kindra said...

Hey I just had the same kind of day with Eva today that you had yesterday! Must be something in the air.

Carla said...

I blame the full moon and the eclipse!