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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last week I was trying on glasses at work, as I sometimes do being around glasses all day, and for fun I grabbed this really unique pair by 'X-Ice' called 'Moonstone.' They came out of no where really, it was as if they called my name and begged me to try them on. It was love at first sight. (Ha! "sight", get it?)

They never made it back on the shelf.

I took them home to model for the fam and everyone approved; even my dad liked them! The next day I called our supply lab and who talked to their lens supplier who generously gave me a wicked pair of lenses for.....get! ('Nikon IV' with the 'Ice' coating if you care or understand lenses at all.)
Anyway, in addition to free lenses I got the frames for ridiculously cheap and couldn't dream of letting them get away.


Without further ado....

My new glasses!

Please pardon the end of day hair, disheveled eyebrows and wrinkles emphasized by smudging eye make up.