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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Me and My Girl!

We had a miserable few days recently complete with a lot of rain and cold temperatures. It had me dreading the inevitable arrival of winter even more. Then today things improved and I'm enjoying the lovely colours of autumn and the warm air.
Sierra and I went for a nice walk along tree-lined streets this morning. We listened to the crunch of dry leaves beneath the stroller wheels and every time the breeze picked up were showered softly with more as they fell. It was really beautiful.
Upon returning home Sierra played in her sandbox with glee. Sand was thrown everywhere - of course!

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Me and my girl on a fall day!

Today happens to be my 31 birthday and last night I was actually apprehensive as to how I would feel. I really hadn't thought about my birthday at all until yesterday. How times have changed from being a kid! I remember intense excitement in the weeks leading up to my birthday. My family always made a big deal of celebrating special events with birthdays being no exception. It was always a special day.
Now that I'm older and married to a man who's family didn't make birthdays as big a deal things have changed. Not that they are any less special - just different.
Today I feel happy and content and loved. I fell asleep last night planning to make the most of every moment today and enjoy them, so far I am succeeding.
I still get a party- of course! - with my family. It's on Saturday evening when no ones' working or anything silly like that!


adalex72 said...

I love that picture of you and Sierra together.

BloomingAlmond said...

Happy Birthday Carla!!! I wish you many many more full of joy birthdays to come!
And oh gosh... Sierra looks just like you! The eyes shape really pop out :) You pretty girls :P

Carla said...


Kindra said...

I hope you had a great birthday Carla! It is pretty weird how birthdays become just another normal day when you get older...but I guess we get to pour that excitement for birthdays into our kids. No wonder as kids we have such awesome birthday!

Sierra is really growing up and blossoming from a baby into a pretty little girl. She definitely looks like you.