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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday was a glorious fall day! The air had the crisp edge feel from cooler nights mingled with the smell of fallen leaves and harvest. I spent the morning raking leaves and cleaning up the garden with my mother and Sierra.

I am saying good-bye to summer with quite a bit of hesitance because it has been so short for us this year, with a rather cool May and June. I love so many things about summer: I love the sun’s presence in the sky from5am until 11pm and the warmth of its rays. I love the green and growing all around me. I love outdoor activities such as long walks, going to the lake, and BBQ’s.
I love fall too, it brings with it the lovely colours, delicious produce, excitement of indoor projects and programs (i.e. church choir), and warm cozy evenings. But it also brings more darkness, excessive amounts of wind, cold, and eventually snow. I actually love snow but I’m not ready to give up summer yet. Fortunately it’s a gradual change and I have some time yet.

As I was getting ready for church this morning I was thinking about being sixteen and living in the same bedroom and getting ready in the same bathroom – how things have changed! I was so ‘self’ minded back then. I say this in regards to how easy it is for me now to help my parents with yard work, cooking, cleaning and other regular chores. Back when I was a teenager it was truly a chore done because I had to. Having lived on my own for over ten years and growing up has provided me with a totally new outlook on those things.

1 comment:

BloomingAlmond said...

It's funny 'cause I think a lot about how easy it is to help my parents now, too! years ago it was like punishment but now i gladly wash the dishes or the floor or clean whatever my mom needs to be cleaned... :)

sun from 5am until 11pm? That's just what i needed... Sun all day! :D