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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

89 Days

...or four months.
Four months of unplanned, unwanted- yet needed of me working full-time.
Guess what....

I'm done!!!!!!!!

Well, not quite but it feels like it because I was off yesterday and it was just Sierra and me again. This week was supposed to be my first official week of part-time but they had some unexpected staffing issues and I offered to fill in since Trevor has only one subbing gig this week so far. Three weeks ago I thought I never would make it. Every morning during the last month I would groan as I rolled out of bed and grumble and grump while getting ready. If Sierra woke up and I saw her before I left I would feel even worse. I nearly called in sick those days. I'd get to work and be okay for a little while, like one minute, and then think to myself.
"I have so had it with working, I'm never going to last!"
Obviously I did.

Our new life will look a bit like this. If Trevor gets called to teach, he will. If no call than his old, very low-paying part time job will allow him to come in. Once subbing needs pick up he will teach as needed from Monday to Thursdays, and Fridays if we can find someone to watch Sierra. Fridays are an 'if' because they are only a part-day for teachers making the pay less. So having Trevor mostly unavailable on Fridays and me working instead earns us more money. In addition to Fridays I will work Tuesdays, and Saturdays when they come up in the rotation.
We mostly have child-care arranged for Sierra for Tuesdays. I've asked a 13 year old girl from our church who loves kids and is home-schooled meaning days times are possible. Well, I asked her mom and they're talking it over. A friend of ours also came forward and offered, she has two kids of her own so Sierra would have playmates. That is huge a relief to me. These are two options I trust and if we don't need either of them due to Trevor not having work than it's not a big deal to cancel last minute.
I had a most enjoyable day yesterday, alone, with Sierra. It felt right. Not only was I happy but so was she. She kept giving me the biggest grin all day. She did not want to let me go this morning and cried heartily as I went out the door to work. She needs me and I need her.
They way this has all come together is a real answer to prayer. It's not what we had in mind but it looks to be a manageable compromise.

1 comment:

BloomingAlmond said...

Hang on in there!
I'm a stay at home mom for now so I really don't know what's like to have to leave your child to only see her when you get home but just the thought of it makes me sad...
At least you girls had a good day together!