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Saturday, September 13, 2008


At a mere fifteen months in age I am amazed at how strong a personality Sierra is exhibiting. It's neat to experience Sierra the person bursting forth more and more but I think that she will be a handful yet!
Example #1:
Sierra was introduced to Oreo cookies recently and thinks they are delicious. She only had a few over a two week period but apparently they were memorable. The other night Sierra was being a crabster. She was hungry but staunchly refusing the food being offered by shoving it away. She was being whiney as a result of her empty little tummy but I was mostly ignoring it, I figured she'd eventually eat something. At one point I went to the pantry cupboard for an item and Sierra came running up to it. She immediately pointed up into the cupboard with an expectant look on her face and gave a little grunt that means she wants something. I looked and deducted that she wanted an Oreo. Now if she had just eaten a proper supper than I likely would have given her one but I was not about to allow my daughter an Oreo cookie for supper. So I said,
"No Sierra, you can't have an Oreo."
The grunting turned into a more inisistant yell, she was no longer asking, instead demanding.
"Sierra, you didn't eat your supper so you can't have a cookie!"
A tantrum ensued complete with a screaming yell and miniature feet stamping as I closed the cupboard doors.
I tried to distract her with toys, then the ever favourite books, and different food but she wanted none of that and continued hollaring.
Not knowing what else to do and not prepared to give in and allow her the Oreo Sierra was taken to her room and plopped in her crib for a time out.
The yelling escalated about a hundred levels.
She eventually lowered her crying to interspersed bursts at non-deafening level so I went and got her not sure she got the point.
She never did get her Oreo that night so I guess I won.

Example #2
This morning after waking up Sierra drank her bottle, per usual, as Trevor prepared her oatmeal, per usual. Once the bottle was empty he sat her in her high chair and she began complaining loudly. Sierra continued to voice her displeasure and vehemently refuse the offered oatmeal. Giving up, Trevor allowed her out of her chair. Sierra then promptly went to her Granny and sat on her lap and
- then ate her oatmeal!


We are really going to have to put our foot down with this one or she' s going to rule us and the house!

1 comment:

BloomingAlmond said...

They might be small but they sure know what they want... Your girl sounds funny :) Oreos have that strange effect on kids... My kid is the same even only eating oreo cookies once in a while... :)