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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kicking My Own Butt!

I’m into my second week of part-time work and it’s now time to set some goals and formulate a list of what I want to accomplish. I find wasting time far too easy. For example: on Monday I watched useless T.V. for an hour and a half while Sierra napped in the afternoon. Last week I at least had the excuse of suffering through a cold but this week there’s no reason for laziness. At first I thought, “Oh, I’m just getting used being home again.” This is partly true but I’m the type of person who doesn’t feel good about herself when not being productive. I almost always feel guilty when I have a “do nothing” day. (Sundays are the exception.)

Time to get productive people!

What do I want to do…….

1. Daily God time. I’m in a weekly women’s Bible study that has prep. It is not nearly as effective to try and cram it all in the night before!
2. Exercise. Sigh. The never-ending battle. When I’m in the groove I practically need it and do it daily and feel great about it. I’m currently out of the groove and can’t say I really care at this point. Bad Carla, bad! My mom got me into a weekly fitness class that uses a stability ball and our first one was on Monday and it felt really good. But…being one who has avidly been into fitness…. I am ashamed to admit that the class made me realize that I have let myself get out of shape this past summer. It was not a hard hour of exercise and yet my body complained! Guilt ensued. That guilt plus the good feeling that resulted from that exercise has stimulated my desire to do more.
3. Maintain a higher level of neatness in our living quarters than currently exists. Really, it should only take minutes a day to accomplish this and if I can’t handle that I’ve got bigger problems!
4. Sort our piles of photos into the albums I bought over a year ago. Distasteful job that’ll have me grumbling for hours but it sure will be good to have it done.
5. Finish the scrap book for Sierra’s first year that I started a year ago – I’m only at four months!

That’s probably good for now. After all, there’s still grocery shopping, laundry, playing with Sierra, building a house and other regular daily/weekly tasks.
Oh, and I can’t forget blogging. (As you can see, I'm experimenting with templates. I'm still not completely satisfied.)

1 comment:

BloomingAlmond said...

I know that feeling... of not being productive... It really sucks :/
That exercise thingy with the ball sounds nice :)
At least you're in a class... I think doing exercise alone is one step to give up more easily... keep on that hard work :)