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Monday, September 8, 2008


Nag: be persistently painful or bothersome.


I admit it, that definition has been me the last two weeks or so. Of course the poor recipient of my nagging has been none other than my extremely tolerant husband.

Why nag? I like being called an old horse! Oh no, wait wrong definition. Well, why is a very good question, one that I can’t answer without explaining what was behind the nagging. Besides, explained helps me justify it, a little.

Teaching jobs in our area of the world are scarce and hard to hard to secure. When one does pop up it seems like the common applicant doesn’t stand a chance because someone who’s someone important knows someone else who wants the job and therefore that someone gets it just because of who they know. Where one does their practicum sessions during university also plays a big part in getting a job because their personality and teaching style become known to the principal and students and give them a leg up if their any good.

Trevor was placed in small schools with no jobs for all three of his practicum sessions. Trevor did not grow up here which provides him with few connections. Trevor is friendly with everyone and not shy of people but not of the aggressive nature it seems is needed to get a foot in the door of the teaching world around here.

My mom and I took things into our own hands. She phoned people she knew. She was on the school board a few years ago and now a good family friend is so you think we’d have a teeny tiny advantage! The two of us also came up with a million suggestions on what Trevor should do to get know the right people and get a job. Two jobs came up last week and we were at him like flies on poop! Do this, do that, phone so and so and say this….etc.

I’m rather surprised he didn’t squash us flat with an enormous fly swatter!

I knew by Friday that he had had enough, even though Trevor never really said so. I actually started feeling quite guilty when I thought about how relentless I’d been.

I meekly apologized and thanked him for enduring me and promised to stay out it, for the most part. I know he wants a job, knows what to do, and will do what it takes to go after a job when one comes up again.

I need to let this go internally as well.

I need to trust God for the right teaching job for Trevor to come along. I need exercise patience. I need to do this everyday!!! I have good moments in this but I lapse so quickly.

I’m sure God is shaking his head and saying, “Didn’t I point him in this direction over four years ago? Didn’t I help him overcome all the obstacles throughout university for him to become a teacher? Haven’t I taken care of your employment situation so far? Haven’t you been financially stable despite all the uncertainties? Haven’t things worked out with selling your house and building your new one? This is just a start of what I’ve done.

See? I’ve been with you all along I won’t leave you now!”

I need to relinquish my perceived control and allow the One who’s really in control to do His job

Nagging helped me feel like I was involved and doing something. Really, I was only being a bothersome pest!


BloomingAlmond said...

Being a nag is what loving wives do... :)
If you didn't care you wouldn't be like that, right?

Carla said...

I like your perspective!