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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vicious Attack Cat!

I've always like cats.
Cats are generally quiet. They are good for a cuddle. They're not overly needy animals. In fact, I can leave our cat for a few days and not come home to any retaliatory disasters. (I've heard of dogs deliberately sabotaging their owner's homes by chewing sofas and 'messing' on the floor and stuff) They don't need walks or to play fetch (although my cat has played fetch with a Q-tip!)
Cat's are known to catch pesky mice and assist in keeping the nasty rodents from infesting one's house. They also catch birds. Birds aren't usually considered a nuisance but there's oodles of them so what if a few are killed and consumed by cats? My childhood cat used to eat bugs he found in the house.
I've had cats since I was seven and now have one of my own. His name is Vader ( blame Trevor for that) and he is about nine years old by now. Vader is by no means the spunky, rambunctious kitten he once was but he's certainly got a lot of pep left.
We raised him to be an indoor cat and have never purposely allowed him outside. Nevertheless Vader loves the outdoors and tries to get out whenever he's sneaky enough to evade us.
What's so great about outside? Grass is the apparently the best tasting stuff ever and he'll quickly chew down as much as he can whenever he escapes. And rolling in the dirt...well...never a more luxurious feeling!
This evening Trevor was BBQ'ing and Vader cunningly got out. The weather is lovely so I couldn't blame him. Catching him is next to impossible so we left him. He always returns. Vader was outside about half an hour when he comes trotting back into the yard and to the back steps with his kill.
A mouse?
A bird?
A gopher?
A rabbit!
Yes, you read right. A rabbit.
The crazy cat killed a rabbit that was bigger than he is! Why take out his hunter instinct on a poor little rabbit? I don't know.
I don't want to know.
I do not like cats anymore. Especially mine!


Karen said...

Maybe Vader didn't kill it, he might have found it already dead and was bringing it to you for help? Just a thought.

Carla said...

I wondered that too - but when Trevor went to dispose of it the rabbit was no where near the rigor state and had fresh bite marks on its neck.

Karen said...

Have you forgiven Vader yet? LOL

Carla said...

I'm getting there! I suppose he is after all, just a cat and acted on instinct.