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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Low Balled!

As you may have guessed we have not sold our house yet. With working full-time and adjusting to the new routine it is no longer at the forefront of my mind. My new job has provided us with the means to afford our current situation so I've no reason to be stressed about it. We're definitely anxious to get on with building but these days patience is the game in the house selling market.
Last night at supper I prayed for a glimmer of hope with house selling and Trevor's job search. Our glimmer appeared almost immediately. We had the same viewers come yesterday and today who appeared to be extremely interested in our house. As with every viewing we cleaned the house thoroughly and vacated it during the requested time. It's often rather inconvenient with Sierra's schedule, (as it was today) but we make it work because we want to sell the house.
This afternoon we finally thought all our efforts had payed off - these people made us an offer. We knew one was in the works two hours before it was officially presented to us. So we sat on pins and needles and waited.
The phone rang.
It was our agent....
with the most insultingly low-ball offer possible! He said he didn't even really want to say the number to us but legally he had to. Trevor told our agent to tell these people what they could do with their offer.
What were they thinking?
This whole thing is ridiculous! Did they have wild hopes that we were in the throws of desperation and ready to give the house away?
No way!
I'm very angry. Why did God allow this? It seems like a mean trick, not a glimmer of hope! We have another showing tomorrow.
Another trick in the works?

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