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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sold! - almost.

Guess what? We conditionally sold our house today! After three and half months we are ever so close to the end of house selling. The people who offered the ridiculously low amount on Sunday re-offered in the 'reasonable' range and we've managed to agree on a price. We have to suffer through a week of waiting as conditions are met but there should be no reason this doesn't go through. I'm a little hesitant to be typing this at risk of jinxing things but.. oh well. Now the panic is setting in. We have to pack up a house full of crap, arrange all that there is to arrange for a move, and get the ball rolling on building the new house.


Kindra said...

That's so great Carla! Congrats!

med neophyte said...

Congratulations! Hope all the planning and building go well from here.

I feel your pain/panic about moving. We don't have any imminent plans to move yet but, knowing we will have to sometime in the next year or so, is terrifying.

Things are going well. I am starting to get pretty tired on the longer days but I think working 10 hours on 6-7 hours sleep is more to blame than the fetus I am incubating. There are a few emerging aches and pains but nothing that is holding me back yet. [Cross my fingers, knock on wood.]