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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Down!

Yesterday my darling little girl turned one! Wow has that year zoomed by. Everyone said, and says, that time flies with kids and it is 100%, undeniably true.
There is no question in my mind that this past year been the most life changing and fulfilling year of my life. I never thought I'd love having a child and being a mom as much as I do. My heart is just bursting with love for my sweet Sierra.
I enjoy being a mom. I enjoy having a daughter. I enjoyed staying home full time (*sob*). I enjoy watching Trevor be a dad. I enjoy watching Sierra's grandparents interact with her.
I enjoy each moment I have with Sierra and plan to continue that with each day and year to come.
I know this post sounds cheesy and dorky and sappy but, hey, it's how I feel!
I love you Sierra!
(pictures to follow - maybe tomorrow!)


med neophyte said...

Happy Birthday to little Sierra!

Before you know it she will be dating and borrowing the car.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sierra! God bless you sweetie!

adalex72 said...

Happy Birthday to Sierra.

Carla said...

Thanks everyone!