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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sold - for Good!

Another sunny, warm morning.
I'm once again in the cold office, which is in the basement and only has a tiny window. I'm also amid a mess of half-full boxes, stacks of old magazines, and paper.

Yes, the move is official!

The conditions were lifted on Wednesday and we have to be out by July 8th. The 8th is a Tuesday so we are doing the majority of the move the weekend before which means we have exactly two weeks to accomplish this feat. If I could just toss stuff in boxes to move it from this house to the next this enormous task wouldn't be nearly so daunting. We have to pack our belongings knowing that we won't see them again for up to a year. We are taking quite a bit with us - our bedroom furniture and of course clothes, Sierra's furniture and clothes, probably our dining room set, and a good portion of our office equipment. Beyond that it's a few things there and a few things here that get to join us at my parents but mostly it disappears into the depths of a friends shop in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The up side: in a year I'll have no idea what I own anymore so it'll be like the most fantastic Christmas ever as we unpack. There just won't be any wrapping paper and everything will be used.

Yes, you did read correctly a moment ago - we are moving in with my mom and dad.

Most definitely.
Smart financial decision?
Most definitely.
We'll see.

Actually, we get along great with my parents and they have a sizable house with a basement that will become ours. It'll most assuredly be an adjustment for us all, likely with some tense moments. The biggest thing for me will be how to manage the relationships with Sierra. We have to make sure that we are still Sierra's parents and do all the 'parent' things and "visiting" Granny and Grandpa is still special time where she is spoiled.
I'm not sure how that is going to look yet.
I'm in a minor state of panic with all that there is to do in such a short time. I know that we probably wouldn't have given ourselves much more time to pack even if we had it. I like to complain though. This is where it is good that I go to work all day because that leaves the majority of this Trevor's responsibility. Another plus is that I get nostalgic as I go through my things and therefore end up staring into space in a haze of memories which means slow packing. If it was solely me it would never get completed. Trevor on the other hand is a guy and will look at something either fondly or as useless, and than quickly pack it or chuck it.
We have an adventurous two and a half weeks ahead of us.
Wish us luck!

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