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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bang Up Job!

It is June 9, 2007, just before four in the afternoon.
I have spent the past 52 hours in labour.
I have had virtually no sleep.
I have had very little to eat.
I can't remember when I last showered - oh yeah, I took a bath at midnight to try and help me through the excruciating pain of the contractions.
I'm in the midst of performing the most difficult task of my life - pushing out my baby. I thank my lucky stars again and again for the wonderful invention of the epidural because despite the intense, extreme work I am doing I feel no pain. I'm in what my one friend calls "labourland". I won't try and explain what I mean by "labourland", if you've birthed a child, you know.
The nurse checks my progress and makes this comment,
"This baby has hair!"
Trevor proceeds to say,
"Rats! I won't even have more hair than my baby!"
(he's loosing his hair and keeps it extremely short)
I was in the middle of a push when he says this and my "labourland" concentration is broken, it is all I can do to keep going and not burst out laughing.
Sure enough, Sierra was born with a nice amount of dark brown hair. This hair eventually fell out and was replaced with the blond tresses that now cap her head. It has grown in fine, and wispy and is usually a bit of a mess. Of late, it has grown long enough in front to go over her eyes. We used little barrettes to attempt to control it. Those fell out of her slippery baby hair rather quickly. We began putting it up in a little pony tail on top of her head. That too escaped its holder. Yesterday my mom convinced me to cut the straggly ends and give her some bangs.
So that's what I did.

Doesn't she just look like little girl? Not so much a baby anymore!

Here's what her crazy cowlick looks like.
She's also sporting a nice mullet. She slept solely on her back for a long time and rubbed her hair in the back off. It's finally growing in.


Carol said...

Sierra - oh so cute with your trendy Katie-Holmes-like bangs. Good cutting job Carla!

Carla said...

Thanks - it's been way easier!