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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week in Review...and it's only Thursday!

* On Monday it became apparent that Trevor has a strange and violent allergy to the bag of dried mangoes we recently purchased. Oddly, it is the second bag of this kind and the first did not affect him??? I have fine but am scared to eat too many. I checked online but all I could remotely find as a possibility to his ailment is the sulfites used in the drying process. Hmmm.

*Two days ago Trevor did something to his shoulder and was in horrific pain last night until a warm bath relaxed the muscles and put it back in place.

*I did something to my neck a week ago and still feeling it.

*I am super duper close to being done my Christmas shopping and had plans of completing it this afternoon but....

* My van had a flat tire. The CAA (AAA for my American friends) guy came and changed it to the spare (apparently the fact that it was in the garage didn't matter, it's still part of the service) but it's snowing and the combination is not good for highway driving. Grrr!

*Absolutely nothing is going as planned this week and it is driving me batty! I don't even think I had super high expectations.

*My daughter decided to give herself a haircut. I screamed in horror when I saw her hacking away at her locks with scissors which promptly made her cry because she was rather pleased with herself at her work. Fortunately her bangs suffered the worst and the damage can be somewhat hidden with a strategic hair combing.

* My floor is so disgusting. I have plans to go over it with a grinder this evening.

* Sawyer is officially crawling. EVERYWHERE. He is also officially getting into EVERYTHING. Catfood is especially appealing for some reason. He actually put a piece in his mouth and made the most hilariously awful face. This new-found ability also greatly irritates his sister because he is into her things and bugging her. Ah, the sibling rivalry is beginning.

How is your week going?


Tammie said...

aaah, im sorry your week has been so hectic.

Carla said...

Thanks Tammi!