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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Cheer

As the low - and once again COLD - winter sun streams through my windows this morning I cannot believe that 2010 is drawing to a close in a mere 14 hours. 

It is as 'they' say, the older one gets the faster time moves along.  As I allow my mind to scan over the many memories of 2010 I am realizing that the majority of them are good ones.  I feel fortunate and joyful and anticipate 2011 for it's many possibilities.

I'm not going to bore you with a list of sure-to-fail resolutions.  I've done that many times and it's kind of depressing.  

I do have a goal, however.  My goal is to appreciate and enjoy each day the best I can.  I want to attempt to not wish the time away any faster than it already is moving but at the same time to not to mourn it's passing either. (i.e. my kids growing up way too quickly)  I have a fantastic life and, although I hesitate to even type these words for fear of jinxing it, one never really knows what's around the bend - good or bad.

Here's to a happy and blessed 2011 for us all!!!

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