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Thursday, December 23, 2010

One More Door!!!

Last year was the first year we bought Sierra a chocolate advent calendar.  At age 2 1/2 all she cared about was getting chocolate every day, she didn't have too much of a concept of time and what the end result was.  This year is a completely different story now that she is 3 1/2.   Every morning, immediately after she inhales her toast, she opens her "chocolate door".  She is super excited about Christmas and is totally into it and "gets" it.  
Decorating the tree was a magical event that she enthusiastically assisted us with.  Sierra also enjoyed buying presents with us and helping wrap them filled an entire morning (they are well taped!)  She even "wrote" on the tags herself.   In fact, wrapping gifts has been such an intriguing concept to her that she wrapped up one of her puzzles and is constantly folding up and taping her drawings to put under the tree to be opened on Christmas!  We are asked daily if she can put out cookies and milk for Santa, too.
We have also been teaching her the story of the birth of Jesus to add the 'reason' element of Christmas.  My parents gave our kids the Little People nativity set and she plays with it daily.  We have even acted out the Christmas story.
All of her delight in the season has added a new dimension to our own Christmas excitement.  Trevor and I have found the anticipation of a child is totally catching and we, too, are filled with new eagerness about celebrating Christmas this year.
I wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas!
Only "One more door" to go!

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