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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Shadow

I don't know if I've been invaded by Oscar-the-Grouch or if it's a nasty case of PMS or if she's worse than usual but Sierra is making me want to sit in a corner, wrap my arms around myself and rock while wailing.
She is everywhere I am!!!
Sierra puts the bread in my toaster for me in the morning, wants to select my clothes, my earrings, my necklace, and my watch. I go to do my makeup and hair and she has to sit on the counter and also do makeup. She also wants to brush my teeth for me. I had a bath this afternoon to try and get away from her for a short while and loose myself in a book (this often works) and she had to come in with me. I go to use the bathroom and she follows me and hands me toilet paper. I change Sawyer's diapers and she's right in there with that task too! I try to cook, bake, clean - ANYTHING -and there she is.
Lately, absolutely everything (except - do you want chocolate) is immediately answered with a "no" or some other alternative. I stand my ground and she disputes me more. (for the record, we usually win) We are convinced that she will be a hostage negotiator or hostage take when she grows up because of her stellar arguing.
Most of the time I try and suppress the squirmy feelings that come with being constantly shadowed and smothered and bantered with me, telling myself in a few short years I'll wish for this time back.
"Cherish these times, Carla."
Not today.

(I actually just firmly refused to play with her, told her I was going to have some coffee and type on my computer. Amazingly enough she is amusing herself, quietly.)

1 comment:

Tammie said...

ha ha ha! i had to laugh at this because it sounds like my daughter, who can be very high maintenance and demanding. she used to try to "help" by handing me toilet paper too.