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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Day....

The house is clean (as clean as it can get with two kids!), diapers clean (I use cloth), laundry going (only one load needed) I've worked out, showered, and both kids are still napping. We'll see how long the peace and quiet lasts...any bets?
Once again it has been over a week since I've last posted. I have lots I want to say but no time. I feel like all I do lately is keep this household running with no time to myself. My one reprieve is Wednesday night golf when I have three blissful hours of not being on call as a mom. As much as I love being a mom at home with my kids there are times when I would give my right arm for a day to myself.
A day to sleep in!
A day to drink my coffee and eat breakfast in silence.
A day where I can shower and use the bathroom in peace and alone.
A day where I can finish my many little projects.
A day where I can let myself fully and completely relax and focus on me!

Ah yes, keep dreaming Carla.
All too soon this dream will be reality, my kids will be grown and I'll miss these times.
In the mean time I'll cherish the brief moments of solitude I have - like now.

P.S. The kids are still sleeping!

1 comment:

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Is there room for another on this retreat?