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Monday, June 28, 2010

Boot Camp - 2 weeks in

First of all, I've learned that my weekend slothfullness affects my Monday weight results because as of today I've only lost 1 pound as opposed to the two as of Thursday. (I'll check again later this week and let you know). Although I relaxed a bit on my eating again this weekend it was not nearly as bad as last weekend. Seriously, resist the brownies I made for a baby shower I hosted? Then I scarfed down another one today because they were sitting on the counter, they went in the freezer.
I also checked my measurements and the only place there's been a change is on my hips - down 1 inch. At least that's something, but I was hoping for more.
I've got one week to go before holidays and unless I starve myself for the next 7 days I don't think I'm going to make my 5 pound loss. I'll be okay with 3 at this point which will be 1 pound a week which is what they say is healthy. I'm trying to remember that I'm not just trying to loose weight but trying to achieve a consistently healthy lifestyle and that takes time. I have a friend who began running this spring and said it took about a month to notice any physical changes. If I think back to my other attempts at weight loss I remember that it took me about four weeks before I noticed much too. I'm still hopeful.

1 comment:

Tammie said...

hang in there. ive been thinking about your boot camp program a lot lately.

ive been trying to lose a few pounds too. i havent weighed myself in a while but im scared too. ive really been watching what i eat and i would estimate ive lost a pound or two. i know my clothes fit better. but yes, its a constant struggle/journey.