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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clothes and Days 5 & 6

I was at a baby shower for a girl the other evening and ooed and awed at all the cute girl clothes. They just don't make as cute clothes for boys - it's not fair! So I promptly went out and bought Sierra some new stylin' outfits. I figure if she's my only girl I'm going to have fun with her girliness where I can. She won't let me do more than curl her hair so I have to go with clothes. Children's Place had an awesome sale so I don't even feel bad about it!

Day 5 & 6 Bootcamp:
With the exception of a piece of pie for dessert after supper yesterday I stuck to my diet and got in a 45 minute run.
Today....well, the MCC Sale was going on and withj all that Mennonite food - forget trying to abstain from that! MCC stands for Mennonite Central Committee and it is a non-profit organization that helps out those in need all over the world in many different ways. I'm of Mennonite heritage and love the food. Perogies, farmer's sausage, pies, deep fried fritters, homemade baking and tonight we're ordering pizza for supper! I intend to get in a workout yet to trty and offset it a little but I'll get fully back on the healthy path tomorrow.

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