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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going Crazy!

It's been a long week.
All regular programs and activities have ceased for the summer so now I'm stuck at home with two kids and nothing to do. My highlights this week were grocery shopping (which I hate at the best of times) and going to Superstore. Sadly, this is just the beginning of summer which I generally love.

Sierra refuses to do anything on her own these days so to try and go anywhere for activities is a huge challenge I don't wish to face most of the time. How do I play at the park with her and hold Sawyer? Swimming pools sound just plain scary - if I tried that on my own my kids are likely to drown! Sierra loves riding her bike but again not something I can do while holding Sawyer. Sawyer is a fairly laid back baby but hates to be alone. Walks are doable - occasionally. Play dates have been few and far between and when something does happen they involve an activity I can't do with two kids or are at an inappropriate time. For example, I was unable to join two friends for a hike this past week because Sierra is just too little yet. I look forward to weekends when Trevor is home but there is so much yard work to do that he isn't really around on Saturday. Sunday is never long enough.

I'm a bit lonely, bored and at this moment somewhat dreading the next three months.

I've decided that for me and with my kid's personalities having two children are three times more work than one.

*I love my kids and my life, this just happens to be one of my 'moments'. I'll be fine in an hour or two but this is how I feel right now.

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