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Friday, July 2, 2010

(1/2 )Boot Camp Week 3

The 1/2 is in there because I've not been as good lately.
Let's see, I ate well Monday and Tuesday, not too bad on Wednesday but scarfed down whatever I could get my hands on yesterday (but hey, it was Canada Day). Today my meals were okay but Sierra asked to make sugar cookies and it simply was not possible to eat one...or six or however many ended up in my stomach. I ran on Tuesday and walked a golf course on Wednesday and will run now as soon as Trevor gets out of the shower. That's what half an effort looks like. Can I be really strict the next four days before holidays?

1 comment:

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Sugar cookies are my weakness. I could eat the whole batch with some good ol' butter icing! So I feel for you! Good luck while on Vacay!