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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Chaos

I was thinking that this year Christmas would be somewhat relaxing. We were going to Abbotsford so there would be no cooking or cleaning to worry about, there would be people around to watch Sierra if I wanted a break and of course I didn't have a job to dread going back to. 'Relaxing' is completely the wrong word for the past seven days. 'Whirlwind' and 'zoo' are more fitting descriptions.
Just getting ready to go on the 24th was chaotic in itself. Travelling is also an event with a six month old but we made it relatively unscathed. The 25th was okay, it was a low key uneventful day which was fine with all of us (Trevor's parents, brother, sister and us) but then in the evening the grandparents from Winnipeg arrived. They are wonderful people but are 85 and add a different dimension to everything. They slept in Trevor's parent's room, we slept in the spare room with Sierra in a playpen in the walk-in closet, Trevor's sister slept in the office and his parents slept in the basement on the hide-a-bed. There was always something going on between food prep/clean-up, the obssessive checkers and pool games for the men, and me keeping Sierra occuppied because she couldn't sleep properly with all the activity. Ack! Anyway, it was nice to be around family and I still didn't really have to cook or clean but we didn't have any quality time together.
We managed to get out a bit for visits with my aunt and uncle and family, and some long-time friends which was great.
It was far from a bad week..just chaotic and I'm glad to be home!

1 comment:

med neophyte said...

Crazy holidays! Sometimes I think part of the benefit of the chaos is that it makes you appreciate those cold January nights more, where there is nothing to do but stay at home and watch TV or read a book.
Happy New Year!