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Monday, December 3, 2007


What would possess someone to think of boiling together corn syrup and sugar for 45 minutes and then pour it all over tons of pop corn and mold that mess into balls? Say they had a moment of craziness and did this than why on earth would they think anyone else would want to do this? Or why would they ever do it again? Someone obviously did this because there are still popcorn balls in the world today - in fact we now have a box of them.
I remember as a kid and even as an adult going to my Aunt Maggie and Uncle Walter's farm around Christmas and there always being a big bowl of homemade popcorn balls and I loved them! This year I had the grand idea that Trevor and I should make them ourselves. It took 45 minutes for the syrup to reach the right consistency and then we poured it all over the 40 cups of popcorn. This was the easy part. The part that resulted in an enormous mess and swearing and vows never to do this again was forming the balls. The syrup is hot and it is sticky and if you don't start forming the balls almost immediately than it hardens too much. Well that burns. We also had to slime our hands up with butter so they didn't become popcorn balls themselves. As the syrup hardened we had to scrape the bottom of the pan to get the bottom stuff and then the spatulas would stick and then jerk forward and popcorn went flying. It really didn't take long but the kitchen was an explosion of popcorn and everything was sticky. They taste good but no matter what we are NEVER doing this again. I'll just go visit my Aunt Maggie.


apaintersmind said...

Ha that's awesome!! I have to say I love cooking disasters. I have had a lot of them...and they always turn into the best stories!

med neophyte said...

I have always found the best thing about popcorn balls is receiving them as gifts.