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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas, & Other, Festivities

We just had another very fun weekend. Christmas can be so great for things like that. This year it has been especially enjoyable because I don't have to worry about a crazy work schedule. On Friday night my entire family went to a family friends' farm. They live in a renovated old house and it's got a certain hominess a newer house can't possess. It emits a warmth that comes from many years of special occasions and love. We had a really nice evening together and Sierra was pretty well behaved.

Saturday evening was our Christmas banquet at our former church in Calgary. It is always soooo good to see those people again; we always feel like we're home. Every year at the banquet they have a silent auction with the money going to the youth group for service trips. It's always a fun and friendly competition to bid. Then there's the excitement of "winning" something. We bought a beautiful original painting from a wonderful Korean man who attends the church. When we asked him his regular prices and he said that he has sold his originals for $4000 and prints for about $800! We got an original and did not even pay print price.

Sunday morning we had Sierra dedicated to God (not infant baptism as we don't practice that). My parents also drove up to support us. It was a bit of a hard decision to do the dedication in Calgary because we also have many good friends at our church in Lethbridge. I think we chose Calgary because it is such a personal act - to give one's child back to God - and the church as a whole feels more like our family than EF Lethbridge does. Not that Lethbridge makes us feel any less welcomed or loved but the size makes intimacy a lot more difficult.

After church we joined a large group for delicious Vietnamese food and then home.

Poor Sierra couldn't nap because there was no place to lay her down (the only way she'll sleep now unless we're driving) Finally after a lot of complaining she fell asleep in my arms at the restaurant. Then she slept the two hours home and napped in the evening before going to bed at 10:15. She is an awesome baby and has behaved very well with all our activities.

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