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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Appearance of Chompers..and Other Things.

Yesterday I discovered that Sierra is cutting her first tooth! There's a tiny sharp point poking through her once-smooth gums. The amazing thing is, that beyond a lot of chewing on whatever she can fit into her mouth (which she's been doing a fair bit all along anyway), she's displayed no discomfort. From months two-four she displayed it all - rosy cheeks, diaper rash, drooling, gnawing, cranky etc. Then it stopped, and days after her six month birthday she starts revealing the tooth. It's really kind of cool but on the other hand I'm like - my baby is growing so fast! Then again I wouldn't want her as a newborn again either. Even though I loved that stage she's more fun and I'm more human now.

I've been hired on for a project I've been working like mad on. A friend asked me to make a scrapbook of her husband's dog who passed away this past summer. They are near my parents age and have no kids so the dog was like his kid. I only got the pictures yesterday - and there's easily over fifty of them so now I'm on a mission. It won't be super fancy but I'm determined to make it a really nice memory for him. I have just over a week and this weekend we're busy - auggh! I was told that it's okay if it's not done in time but if I don't finish it by Christmas than it may end up sitting around until who knows when. It'll be fun.

I went on a hunt for a white festive shirt to wear for Christmas. I was only able to find one white dressy shirt. It is the right colour, style, fit, price and goes well with the intended skirt. Yayyyyy.

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