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Monday, December 10, 2007

What a weekend!

This past weekend was our church Christmas production called "The Keeping Candle". It was a musical that ended up being insane amounts of work. But it was all worth it. Our church can seat 800 people and every possible seat was full on all three nights, in fact on Saturday and Sunday they were turning people away! Sunday night by six-fifteen the entire lobby was full of people waiting to get in (doors opened at 6:30 and the show started at 7) It was crazy. What a rush for those of us involved! I personally love performing and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
I have never been a part of anything so big; I played the flute in the orchestra. Although we were hopeful I don't think the magnitude of it's success was expected. Many, many people from the community came which was neat. CTV came and filmed it on Saturday evening and the show will be aired on SHAW Dec. 20-23 at 7pm. I can't wait to see it because from where I sat, and of course with playing flute, I wasn't able to see the whole show.
Now, after several Saturday afternoon practices, a couple of Thursday night rehearsals and then five nights in a row, most of which required 4 hours of our time, I am tired. Poor Sierra, being with various babysitters and her feeding and sleeping schedules out of sinc has tuckered her out. She behaved amazingly though.
Two weeks until Christmas Eve- I am so enjoying the season this year and as always it is coming and will be gone way too quickly.

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