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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Opportunity Knocks

I was introducted to a company called FHTM just before Christmas and I signed up to be a rep. Everything sounds promising but the unknown always leaves one with a wierd feeling. This company is not something I can explain without it sounding hokey; seeing a presentation about it is a must to understand what it's about.
It came about exactly when Trevor was once again disappointed about a possible job opportunity and I'm starting to worry about our financial position. At this point we are thinking that unless Trevor gets a contract it is in our best financial interest for me to go back to work full time for the summer. He won't be able to teach and no summer job will pay as well as my job. Although I hate the idea of going back to LensCrafters full time it wouldn't be so bad for just a few months. The problem is after summer, each of our incomes on their own is not enough for us to live on. My income used to be sufficient, barely, but since then we've added a vehicle payment and student loan payment...and a baby!
Then this business opportunity came up and I have to believe that the timing is no coincidence. It was founded by a Christian man and has very reputable ratings. If I work steadily at it it should prove to be a worthwhile financial investment. I have to be excited by it and go for it because a) I like the sounds of it and b) I don't like my other options.

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