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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Diary of Going Sugarless - Week 1.5

The first five days went extremely well.  While I didn't end up completely avoiding sugar I consumed less than normal.  It didn't help that I made cinnamon bread for Sierra's Wee College class last week, and fresh cinnamon bread cannot be resisted.  It wouldn't let me!  But I did keep it to small pieces and no more than one each day that I had it.  Saturday and Sunday didn't earn me as good a grade.  Saturday I had 7-Up with Grenadine to drink, which I ordered without thinking at my work Christmas party, plus a piece of chocolate brownie-type dessert.  Sunday I had a horrible stomach ache all day and drank one and half cans of 7-Up to calm it.  As a colleague from work said, it was medicinal so it doesn't count.(?)
As for this week...we baked sugar cookies and iced them on the Sunday I was ill.
Sugar cookies.  With icing.  Need I say more?
Actually I've been very controlled and limited myself to only one per day.

Now, on to caffeine.  I managed to start out with only one cup a day.  Then with that stomach bug coffee was the last thing I wanted and went two days without.  I am now drinking decaf most days and hoping to keep the caffeine intake to 3ish times a week.

So how do I feel?  The indigestion (aside from my weekend ailment) has greatly subsided.  Mentally I feel a bit sharper, less foggy.  I am more tired right after lunch and I hope that subsides as my body continues to adjust.

1 comment:

Sheriberry said...

You are a brave woman. I am not there yet at all, but you are inspiring me to at least consider something similar!