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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joining In

Until a year ago I was using a ten year old Nokia cell phone.  It was a monstrous dinosaur of a phone and I never took it out for anyone to see unless absolutely necessary.  Anyone who saw it thought it was my cordless phone from home!  I had it strictly for emergency purposes.  Then the charger got lost and it was rendered useless.

Last fall Trevor bought me a pay-as-you go phone from 7/11.  It was a tiny little thing and I was no longer embarrassed and I did use it more as a result.  But as far as cell phones go, it did very little compared to what's out there.
Then I ran out of minutes and we began to evaluate our phone situation.  With texting and cell phones becoming more and more common Trevor and I were gradually missing out on  more and more various things

due to cell phones being a major form of communication among our friends.  So we took the plunge and now we both have iPhones.  

I love it!  
I kind of hated to succumb to the social pressure of 'needing' such a device but it was turning into more than wanting a 'new toy' just because they're fun.  We were actually missing out on stuff.  It is a bit sad, actually, where society has gone with that but it is also the reality.

Like I said, I am quite enjoying being a part of the modern cell phone age.

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