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Thursday, December 15, 2011


About a month ago I officially gave up on using cloth diapers for Sawyer.

First of all, my son seems to have trouble producing solid poop.  Sierra never had issues in that area and solid poop is super easy to clean up.  Secondly, the cloth diapers I own have had the elastics stretch out completely around the legs.  That makes a messy combination - I'll spare you details - and I hit my breaking point in dealing with that.

I am quite disappointed in the diapers themselves.  Research sang the praises of this particular brand and I anticipated saving money on being able to use them through at least two kids.  Alas, they failed me.  I complained to the company and they sent me "elastic repair kits" but that will require a lot of time and work for the 18 diapers I have.  I do not have time.
So I reluctantly diaper my son in disposables.  It is much easier and cleaner but I still fell guilty.
I cringe every time I put a disposable diaper in the garbage can and am sick with how many of them accumulate after only a few days - and he doesn't even use that many.
  I by no means judge the 95% (or whatever the stat is) of you who chose/choose disposables, I get that it is simpler.  Cloth was my choice for a number of reasons, I'm just sad that I can't follow through with it. 

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