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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Princess Fussy Fuss and Captain Destruction!

(Doesn't that sound like a great kid's book?)

Captain Destruction, I mean Sawyer, succeed in breaking one of our kitchen cupboard doors off last week.  The door actually split.  Fortunately a little glue and all is well.  He has also learned that chairs can be pushed around so he can now reach things like light switches and the tops of counters.   
NOTHING IS SAFE unless it is also out of my reach!!!!

Sierra, A.K.A. Princess Fussy Fuss, needs her blankets arrange very specifically each night.  Last night she woke me up because her toenail was breaking off and required clipping IMMEDIATELY at 3:13 A.M.  The crusts of her morning toast must be cut off very precisely, the Nutella spread on very thickly, and then cut into bite sized pieces.  She simply cannot eat unless her place mat is clean, she has her milk and a napkin.

Yesterday I went to Superstore to get out of the house and get a few groceries.  I spent some time browsing, located what I needed and went through the self checkout.  I reached in my purse for my wallet to pay.....and discovered that it was at home.
It's no wonder with Captain Destruction and Princess Fussy Fuss in my care!  I can barely keep those two in line so to remember other important things - like wallets - is an incredible feat. 
Those two descriptions above?  That doesn't even touch the surface of it.
But I love them to bits.

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