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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four Days Before Christmas.... house is almost clean from top to bottom, and even inside closets and cupboards.  Wait, let me rephrase that,  I have cleaned almost my entire house from top to bottom and inside closets and cupboards.  Whether it is still clean is the question.   Nothing remains in its clean state for too long, if at all.  But I feel better knowing that is was clean very recently.

2....I've been done shopping since Saturday and all but one gift is wrapped and where it needs to be.

3....I braved the mall yesterday with my kids and bought stuff for myself!  I know, I know right before Christmas not such a smart time to be buying things for oneself but the pants were 70% off - $10!  I could not resist. Besides, no one will be giving me pants.

4... it looks like we're to have a relatively warm, brown Christmas this year.  We had a bit of snow last night but it assuredly won't stay.  
Cue music:   "I'm, dreaming of a white Christmas....." parents decided to rent a hot tub for the week over Christmas.  I wholeheartedly approve of this and enjoyed a little soak already last night.  I think I might move back home for the week.

6...I so love experiencing the excitement Sierra is displaying over Christmas.  The decorating/decorations, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, guessing gifts, baking etc.  I also love it as she takes in the true meaning of Christmas that we are trying to intentionally incorporate as well.   We want to make sure she knows it's not just about presents.  (Although, presents are awesome)

"How many more sleeps?"

Sawyer has no clue.

7...we did not send or gift out any cards this year.  Time simply did not afford us this.  Maybe in the New Year.  Maybe not.

8....Trevor's mom sent us some little German cookies called peppernuts and my kids ate them all in 24 hours.   Trevor got none, I got two or three.  So we made more with my Oma yesterday.
A large bag.
If they remain in existence until Christmas I'll be impressed.

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