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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm having severe writers block these days. 
I often take my cues from pictures but I haven't had the time to go downstairs to the office where our other computer is and upload the photos from our camera.  The days are just a madhouse of activities and chasing my animals children.  If I tried to accomplish said task Sawyer would be emptying the bookshelves, garbage can, cat food bowls - basically wreaking havoc. Do it while Sawyer naps, you say.  Well, Sierra usually insists on sitting on my lap and trying to do anything with a 4 year old blocking the screen is impossible.  By evening all I want to do is collapse.  Hence, no pictures.

Then when I sit down (usually during breakfast and lunch because it's the only time my kids are occupied and quiet so it often takes me days to get a post written) and try to come up with something witty and interesting to write  sans picture, all that surfaces are whiny, complainy type thoughts and when I go back to what I wrote a few hours later I make a face and determine that it is unpostable.   

I'm having trouble with motivation these days.  I'm getting no results from anything so my enthusiasm is fast waning.  We can't get ahead financially yet the bills continually go up.  My house is in a constant, varying degree of disaster no matter how much I clean and tidy.  Our yard and garage are also in desperate need of attention.  I have been exercising diligently for two months and the results need to start being more noticeable or I"ll just succumb to the ease of being a lazy sloth and live on chocolate and bonbons.  The comments in blog-land have diminished so I feel like I'm writing to myself, which essentially I am I guess but knowing I have readers is nice too!

That is that. 
I'm not depressed or sad or anything. 
I'm just a little frustrated with the demands of my time and the tremendous lack of it and the absence of results where I do put forth energy and effort.

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