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Friday, September 23, 2011


(*I wrote this yesterday intending to add pictures later in the day.  Never happened. It will though.  Eventually)

I just downed my fourth cup of coffee for the day.  My usual is one-and-a-half.
That about explains how well I'm recuperating from our Island!

It was a really good - albeit whirlwind - three day weekend.  Our adventure began when the alarm shrilled at 3:50 Friday morning and ended when I flopped into bed at 1:15A.M. Monday morning.  I wouldn't say it was fun exactly but we had a mostly enjoyable time.  Chasing Sawyer, who was extremely sleep deprived and
therefore going on delirious energy (you know the kind where you're so tired that if you sit still you'll pass out so you run instead?), was our main activity  Besides that I spend Friday and Saturday on "Flowergirl duty". AKA staying excited and upbeat and portraying this as an extremely special opportunity so that Sierra didn't run away wailing.  (there was a moment...)  We ended up being "Team Flowergirl", a term I came up with where we would do it together so that she would do it.  A candy bribe from Granny sealed the deal and she ended up walking down the aisle by herself.  Phew!

Overall the kids did very well for kids but traveling and being at occasions like this is quite the experience with them. 

1 comment:

Irene said...

Glad Sierra was convinced to walk down that aisle. I'll bet Sawyer kept you running. We're anxious to see some pictures - when you have time and are done celebrating your own birthday.