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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Little Eden

 I absolutely love my vegetable garden this year!
I sowed seeds in a plot of soil for the first time in three or so years.  Wouldn't you know it, those seeds actually grew and are flourishing vegetable plants - with vegetables!
I grew up helping my mom and dad with their large garden and enjoyed fresh vegetables every fall so gardening was not a foreign concept to me.   Once I finished high school and left home gardening went a little by the wayside.  I went to college, got married, lived in rental suites with crappy yards, and then when we built our first little house we reserved an area for a vegetable garden.  I was quite excited by the possibilities.  
But by the time the yard was garden worthy we sold the place and relocated. 
When we first moved back to this area seven years ago the house we bought had a mature, established yard complete with a garden plot.  So I planted a garden.
I pretty much hated it.

The weeding.
The watering.
The weeding.
Hoeing the impossibly hard dirt.
The weeding.

The only thing that kept my me going was the fact that I love fresh, home- grown vegetables.
We sold that house after a few years, built another one and now, four years later, I once again have a garden worthy yard with a garden.

This time I've enjoyed the entire process:
The weeds have not been hard to control.
Underground sprinklers make watering a cinch.  
The newness of the soil makes it unnecessary to hoe - much.

It looks so pretty as I stare across the yard.  So full, and green, and satisfying!

And we've been enjoying the produce.  Green beans and peas are it so far as the garden was planted late.  Tomatoes will soon be in abundance, then corn, then potatoes, then carrots...

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