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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Thoughts After Spending The Day Preparing For a Weekend Trip

* We are headed to a family wedding on Vancouver Island this weekend and trying to pack with two "helpful" kids is aggravating.  Sierra seems to think we should be able to take anything and everything and Sawyer unpacks as fast as I pack!  
At this exact moment I feel in control.  That scares me.
  Don't ask me how I'm feeling Thursday night.
 (we fly out at an unearthly hour Friday morning)

* Sierra is very traumatized at the idea of Bunny and Dolly having to go through the X-ray machine at the airport.  It's a good thing I told her in advance or it would not have been a good scene at 5 A.M. on Friday!

*I'm a wee bit nervous about how my kids will travel on the plane.  Sawyer hates sitting still and Sierra hates loud noises.

*Sierra is to be the flower girl at this wedding.  I did a trial run on her hair today.  After I was done she called the curls"slinky" (I suppose the curls do resemble a Slinky), bawled for ten minutes and yanked on the them because she didn't like it.  
She'll get over it.
I'll bribe her if I have to on Saturday.
 ( Side note: I must have bought good spray because the curls mostly withstood the yanking)

*As excited as I am to be attending this wedding there is regret mixed in as well since we will be missing a different wedding of a good friend.  Seriously, what are the chances of being invited to two weddings occurring on the same day?  And it's a non-long weekend in September.  And we don't even know that many people in the marrying stage of their life.

 *I'm sure we'll all come home exhausted and cranky and the kids will make me pay for a week after but it will be worth it!  I have a great extended family.

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