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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bathroom

When we embarked on the monumental task of house building two and half years ago I was really excited.  I was going to have the fun of designing and decorating an entire house exactly how I wanted (well, Trevor had a bunch of say too).  Of course reality hit rather soon when the ideal house blossomed into 150 000 square feet!
Obviously we managed to shrink it down to a normal size and with the odd exception we absolutely love what we have; it functions perfectly for our family and our needs.

With decorating, I envisioned much use of colour and a modern, somewhat trendy home that wouldn't date in two years.  But, with the limitations of a budget (darn lack of money getting in the way!) and extreme time constraints at the end, I ended up with a more conservative traditional house than my mind had dreamed up.  I like it very much, no doubt about that, but it wasn't/.isn't quite up to par with my initial expectations.  We stayed safe and the details that bring a home together didn't quite materialize the way I had hoped.

So where am I going with this?  It's been two years and by living in this house as our family I've been able to scrutinize and analyze my surroundings and I'm ready to make some changes.  I've perused magazines and watched decorating shows and window shopped so little by little new ideas are materializing.  I'm not planning on moving walls or anything, just tweaking and adding - refining, that's the word!  I am on a gradual mission to go room by room and accessorize and spruce things up to relieve my twitching eyes.

Our main bathroom was first.  Old condition?

B O R I N G ! ! !

It is painted  tan, with brown marble-y, arborite counter tops, and brown patterned tile-esque, vinyl flooring and medium-stained maple cabinets.  We bought a plain white shower curtain and ended up with dull, mauve towels and our old black bath mat.  I never particularly cared for it but whatever, it worked.  It is used primarily by Sierra, and soon enough Sawyer will join her, so it has naturally morphed into primarily the kid's bathroom.  Upon thinking about the appearance of that room, I thought I might like a bright, new shower curtain in perhaps a geometric or flower design, with towels to match, to make it a more cheery, interesting room.

Then Trevor and I saw a bright, monkey shower curtain on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond over the weekend and we bought it!  From there-on-in the bathroom officially became a kids bathroom.  It is fun and the new shower curtain brings a pop of colour to the room and it required only minimal effort. Again, not quite what my imagination had pictured, but I definitely prefer the feel of the it now.  It is happy.  I also figure that I have my whole life for a serious 'adult' bathroom.  Besides, we have our ensuite to be more grown-up with and I'll likely change the main one again in a year or two anyway!

(disregard those pictures above the toilet, they don't go at all and will be replaced)


Tammie said...

i love it.
our master bath is the more adult one and the kids have a funkier/sillier one, similar to what you guys have. its a woodland themed shower curtain with owls and trees, with coordinating accessories. i like it because its fun and kid friendly without being Spongebob or Hello Kitty, both of whom I love but dont necessarily want to see everyday in the bathroom.

Karina said...

Love the orange and the monkeys! It's begging for some wall words above your toilet to atch...especially for that little boy comin' on up.


Thanks for posting!