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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ups and Downs Part II

Down: I spend three hours in the ER on Friday with Sierra because she is having serious bathroom going frequency issues.  It has become her second home.
Up: Sierra does not have diabetes or a urinary tract infection (initial results on the UTI),
Down: She still runs to the bathroom at least once every half-hour!! 
Up:  She is not in any pain and basically is her usual perky self.
Down: My sunglasses somehow made their way from the passenger seat to the garage floor and- you got it - they got driven over.  No amount of amazing opticianry skills can repair those babies.
Up:  Working in the industry means that replacement cost will be significantly less than for most people who drive over retail $225 sunglasses!

Down: My sleep deprivation and stress tolerance was pretty much at its max.  
Up: My parents took the kids Friday evening and for night so Trevor and I had a most fantastic date and an even more luxurious sleep-in on Saturday morning.
Down:  It is still freaking cold and snowy.
Up:  I snubbed my nose at the -17 temperature and went for a walk anyway today.  The sun was out and the snow was beautiful and it was definitely invigorating.
 Down:  I've eaten terribly as of late and my heartburn/indigestion is acting up.
Up : My embarrassingly poor diet hasn't hurt me in the weight department.  I know I must get back on track or I will pay.
Up:  Round two of my antibiotics finally did the trick in killing the nasty germs that have infested my body.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Carla, has Sierra been tested for overactive bladder? There is medication for that, if that turns out to be the case, though I hate to see a child so young be on meds for anything short of a round of antibiotics for a bug.
I have overactive bladder so I empathize with her (and with you) cause it's really annoying and very uncomfortable at times.
Hopefully whatever this is will pass quickly and it's nothing that can't be dealt with easily.