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Friday, April 1, 2011

For the Umpteenth Time

I cannot believe it is April.
We woke up to rain around here.
I'm thrilled because rain means it is not cold, anything is better than the white stuff which shall remain unnamed, and it gives me hope that we might actually get to experience spring one of these days.
(I spoke too soon, I just checked the Environment Canada website for our forecast and there's a big red banner across the top warning our area of a winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow!!!!!!!)

Back in January when I was grossed out with the Thanksgiving/Halloween/Christmas gorging on vast amounts of food - and I don't mean fruits and vegetables! - I resolved to get back on the health bandwagon.  I didn't feel well and my body was still clinging to a few pounds of baby. Since Trevor was repeatedly declaring his satisfaction with having two kids and not hiding his firm stance that he desires no more I also figured that I might as well go for the body I wanted.  I had goals of losing three pounds first, than another three, followed by aiming for a final five. Not too loft I didn't think.  I embarked on Weight Watchers and P90X with vigor and determination and lost those first three.  Then one more pound disappeared.  I was feeling good.

Then we got sick, and sick again, and sick again, and Trevor's RA kicked into high gear, and the crappy weather refused to let up, and my mood fell into a pit of despair and....
you get the point.
I fell off the wagon.

Exercise became a foreign word in my vocabulary.  Calorie rich foods graced my taste-buds a little too frequently and, at times, a little too abundantly.  Oh I tried, I'd get in a day or two of exercise, be more controlled with what went in my mouth, and feel pretty good.  Then before I knew it another week had gone by with both eating better and exercising falling as distant a concept as warmer weather.  I'm not sure if I gained any weight back or not but one or two of 'my inches' expanded.   So that is partly why I marvel at the fact that it is April already and I've only met goal number one and I really should be well on my way to goal number three if not already there.
But, it is never too late nor are there ever too many times to try again.
"If at first you don't succeed, try, again." and again, and again, and again.....

I'm trying again.
At this exact moment I have no excuses, and if one comes up I must give it a good ole' kick in the rear end and boot it out of the excuse line.  One, or two, or three, will come up, that is for sure, I just need to be prepared to fight them.

I talk big don't I?  I've talked before.
I'm getter tired of it so you must be.  I also know we've (well I have anyway) all read countless blogs and articles, seen many TV shows, and spoken with many of our friends who are attempting the same: a healthier lifestyle.  So as not to bore you with the topic's tedium I promise not to mention it again until goal number two is met, and then goal number three.
Hopefully I get to blog about them soon!

1 comment:

Karina said...

Perhaps, if it is a healthy lifestyle you are going for - goals and deadlines should have a little more of a lifelong timeline as well. You truly can't be behind if it's a lifestyle change you are making - eventually it WILL happen! You can do it - give yourself the grace you so willingly extend to others to take a little longer than you had originally planned - You can do it! And then blog about it - LOTS, cause hey, it's your blog and you can write if you want to!